Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to Choose a Business Consultant When You Want Results

With the recession our economy is experiencing, business can be very delicate and fragile. Many problems may arise threatening you're the very fabric of your companies existence.

Einstein once said "the mind that created a problem cannot solve it" - so to try and go it alone in these troubling times without expert advice, could be considered akin to madness.

So who can you turn to? We all know that bankers and accountants can only give you financial advice and solicitors are there to help you with legal matters. So it makes sense to hire an expert in your industry who can give you results oriented help in a practical and effective manner.
But how would you choose the best business consultant for your company?

What is Effective Business Consultancy?

Effective Business Consultancy is a strategic approach from duly qualified professional business advisers to improve and help you solve problems within your business. Business consultants provide cost-effective solutions to meet all you financial needs and boost your company's profits. Aside from financial setbacks, business management consulting can also help improve your company's management by working with you and your employees and teaching them better ways to improve their working habits and productivity.

Choosing the Best Business Consultant

There could be many business consultants qualified for the job. But you can have a selection committee help you find the right person. To help you find the best business consultant you must:

- Research the market place and look for consultants who have your industry expertise.

- See are they willing to spend time with you, without turning on the fee clock.

- Make a short list and ask them to deliver you a proposal.

- If they send you a proposal without meeting you, then discard them - how can someone attempt to understand your situation without meeting you?

- Check to see if they have a proven process that delivers measurable results

- Once they have met with you, you should meet at least 2, look at the proposals and see how much they are promising you and does it seem to make sense.

- Ensure that any consultant you choose offers to assess your business by meeting with key management, key staff, customers, suppliers and business partners.

- Look at the profile of the people being proposed, do they match your needs and skill set you are looking for?

- Ask what happens if the proposed consultants are not available, does the company have depth of personnel?

If you follow these rules and are sure that the business management consultant you choose is going to work with you and put in place business metrics, so you can see your progress, then you will be on the right track.

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