Saturday, May 5, 2012

Invest in Advice From Business Consultants When Establishing Your Small Business

If you are considering establishing a small business, invest in the advice of business consultants during the start-up phase. A consultant can even help even after the start-up. There are many facets of creating a successful small business from applying for the right permits to writing press releases to even streamlining production processes to reduce expenses and increase profits. While you may have great products or services, do you know how to market to the customer? Do you know how to create a financial proposal to apply for a small business loan?

Financial Aspects

Whether you are just at start-up or have been in business a while, chances are at some point you will want to apply for a small business loan to establish or expand your operations. Business consultants are well-versed in creating business plans. They know how to study the marketplace, evaluate trends and forecast potential future business - things you need to know in order to draft a financing proposal to a bank or other funder. Consultants can also help you write grants to the government and other entities as well.

If you are the idea or concept person and accounting aspects of your business are just not your forte, an outside consultant can help you manage your accounts, create financial reports, and interpret them too. By understanding the financial reports, you will be able to see how your business is doing day to day as well as recognize what is profitable and what should be re-evaluated.


You may want to hire a consultant to evaluate your production processes to see where operations can be streamlined to reduce expenses. Is there a step or two being handled by people that could be accomplished with a machine? Would changing the product packaging be helpful? Could your current facilities handle the addition of a new product? Can some of the same machines be used or would you need to make a capital investment in new equipment? How long would it be before your new product made a profit, based on the capital investments in equipment? These are just a few of many aspects on the operations side to consider.

Marketing and Publicity

Sometimes, the hardest part of owning a small business is figuring out how to spread the word about your products and services. Sure, local magazines and newspapers are no-brainers but how about expanding to a website? Do you want your website to include an online store so customers can order from home? How do you boost online traffic to your website in the first place? Do you invest in pay per click advertising or offer affiliate marketing? SEO and internet marketing is an important facet for many small businesses with social media outlets gaining ground.

Should you create a brochure for your products and services? Would your business benefit from a direct mail campaign or radio advertising? Another thing to consider is purchasing booth space at exhibitions and trade shows. As you can see, there are a number of ideas to consider when it comes to marketing and publicity. Business consultants can handle a number of small business aspects so consider hiring one to make your life a little easier.

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